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kornalius 06-22-2009 03:59 PM

PPL 2 Packages complete feature list
By popular demand :) here is a list of everything included in the separate PPL 2 packages:

PPL 2 Base Edition:
  1. Create executable from the IDE.
  2. Realtime code profiling and memory leaks detection.
  3. Visual Programming, drag & drop.
  4. Visual project manager allow simple object creation.
  5. Visual Form Builder.
  6. Auto-update installed components and packages.
  7. Code-completion (Intellisense).
  8. Tag search. Type english like phrase to find anything you want.
  9. Smart moves (intelligent drag and drop of objects).
  10. Integrated programmable Shell.
  11. Intelligent help system and tooltips.
  12. Open IDE API to create your own plugins.
  13. Auto code templates.
  14. Build components visually.
  15. Advanced Help File Editor.
  16. Syntax formatter.
  17. Batch processor to create multiple objects at a time.
  18. Find Wizard, search for anything, anywhere.
  19. Visual Matrix data type editor.
  20. Image list editor.
Orion Database Package:
  1. Visual Query Editor.
  2. Visual Report Builder.
  3. Table Editor.
  4. Database visual creation.
  5. Table visual creation.
  6. PDatabase, PTable, PGrid, PDBControl, PDBEdit, PDBCheckBox, PDBNavigator, PReport, PBand, PRText, PRDBText.
  7. Database Project Templates.
Swirl Game Package:
  1. Visual Map editor.
  2. Surface Editor.
  3. PGame, PMap, PSprite, PPhysicSprite, PWorldSprite, PLayer, PSoundEngine, PMusic, PSound
  4. Game Project Templates.
Windows Mobile SDK:
  1. Can create executables for Windows Mobile platforms.
  2. Can compile and debug using Windows Mobile platforms.

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